The Benefits
Structural Integration has a reputation for greatly improving the quality of professional and daily activity. As well, athletic and artistic performance often gets noticeably better. Chronic pain is reduced and often disappears completely.

Olympic Medalist figure skater Brian Orser and concert pianist Richard Cass saw their professional performance improve considerably. Brian Orser even gained five-eighths of an inch in height, which is not uncommon through Structural Integration. Richard Cass got rid of a numbness problem in his right hand and testifies that his creative energy increased and his performance improved, both technically and artistically. (You can read about Brian Orser, Richard Cass and dozens of others in Rolfing: Stories of Personal Empowerment, Briah Anson, Heartland Personal Growth Press.)

No matter who we are we all have something in common, something important and precious; our body. And we all have the possibility of taking advantage of Structural Integration to reap benefits similar to those reaped by Brian Orser and Richard Cass.

Structural Integration is an original, scientifically validated system of body restructuring and movement education.

It is often recommended by health professionals to address bad posture, chronic back and neck pain and persistent physical discomfort. It is also recommended for physical pain resulting from traumatic events like car accidents.

Structural Integration Rolfing
The expansion of the thorax allows the organs to find their space in the abdominal cavity. The realignment of the spine has improved the position of the shoulders and the head.

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All testimonials are from clients of Lucinda Lanthier

My posture has improved, my gait is lighter. Physically, I feel stonger, psychologically, more confident.”
Amélie Ponette, Montréal

“My neck pain never came back, my back discomfort never came back. I find it amazing. Thank you so much.”
R. V., Hull, nine months after the last session.

Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Montréal