The Process

The basic process of Structural Integration consists of a series of ten sessions of deep manipulation of the connective tissue (myofascia). Each session lasts about one hour and is based on precise anatomic and physiological parameters.

At the beginning of each session the practitioner carefully observes the interaction of each part of the body, the way the feet and legs support the pelvis and upper body when the client walks, and the degree of freedom of the breathing. The practitioner detects body tensions and knots in the connective tissue which are usually signs of compensating imbalances. Then the specific goals of the session are explained.

The client lies on a cushioned table and the practitioner applies pressure to the connective tissue using his or her fingers, hands, and arms to carefully move the tissue. The practitioner pays careful attention to the relationship between tissue, breathing rhythm and nervous system responses.

As the work progresses from session to session, new movement and breathing patterns are established. The benefits are cumulative as each session builds upon the results of the previous sessions.

During the sessions the client is shown how to mentally focus and breathe into the area being worked on. The synchronisation of the parctitioner's manipulations with the client's breathing releases the body's natural balancing energies.

The benefits that unfold, even after the end of the series, include: lower stress, greater psychological and physical stability and increased energy. Activities previously considered out of reach by the client often become possible.

Structural Integration Rolfing
A random body battles with gravity and its weight droops downward. A balanced body, however, is supported by gravity and seems to be lifted upward.

All testimonials are from clients of Lucinda Lanthier

“Since I had the basic sessions of Structural Integration, six years ago, I can sit in a plane, in a car, at restaurants for hours without having any back pain. Before it was terrible, I couldn’t sit for more than twenty minutes at a time without back pain. My posture is straighter and when I walk, I see more than the tip of my toes.”
Jai Ball, Professional Skateboarder, Montréal

“I'm amazed at how much my body changed. You were the perfect teacher to guide me through these changes." Five months after the series: “My body has continued to change and improve, as you told me it would. I feel more sure about myself now.”
Stefan Bussmann, Ottawa

Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Montréal