Kristina Watt
“The technique helps you to find your true self, to find your centre and to know where your core is...”

Kristina Watt, M.F.A., Acting
Actor in Ottawa, New York City, South America, London (U.K.)
Professor :
University of Ottawa, University of North Carolina

“Structural Integration opened up tensions held in my lower ribs and lower abdomen and as a result my resonance centres are much more open, available and working.

A lot of emotional life tensions can be held in the upper chest and the release of them allows new emotions and material to come in.

Actors could benefit from S.I. in terms of working on the mask of the face, the space needed in the mouth and the lift of the soft palate. As a result the sounds actors can create are much fuller and varied.

The technique helps you to find your true self, to find your centre and to know where your core is as opposed to your character’s, as opposed to the critic’s opinion. I know how far I can go and I can get my centre back. My work is much more solid, and not as frightening.

I was drawn to the sessions because it was a completely integral experience. I felt that my thoughts, my feelings and where I was physically were of equal importance. I felt I did not need to hide anything; I instantly had this instinct that everything was there to see.

Lucinda addressed not only my body and the way it works, but my body and the person I am. Beyond that, she addressed the person in connection with the energy of the universe and the things around me, as well as what I receive from other people and the environment, like the trees, the air, the connection with my feet and the earth. This is the language of actors.

Through the sessions, with her perception, compassion, and with a very attentive attention to the detail, Lucinda guided me to where my strengths are, where my body is full of life and full of creative possibilities.

Whether a beginner or a working professional actor, I recommend S.I. as part of the training.

All testimonials are from clients of Lucinda Lanthier

“The foot pain that I had forever is completely gone! My lower back pain, that prevented me to do so many things, is now gone! I've started to eat better and my headaches and nausea are gone. Now I can take big breaths, which I could never do before. I had never realized that my breathing was constricted. After the sessions I was all opened up. This is really good and it's lasting. I loved the experience.”
Sheila Rose, Ottawa

“I had results at all levels; physical, psychological and emotional. Skiing has become extremely pleasant, so much fun. My friends have noticed that my skiing has improved."
L. W., Orléans, four months after the last session.

“A few days after session five I was in a hurry -I had to rush to the bank- my legs were running freely without effort, as if by themselves. It's a tremendous difference. I loved the experience. I find all kinds of reasons at work to stand up and walk, just to feel the new ease and pleasure I experience while walking.”
André Mercier, Ottawa

“I liked the experience very much. I like my body, it is full of life. My aikido has improved. I was at a party two days ago and I noticed only one other person who sat straight, naturally, with ease, as I do now.”
J. W., Ottawa

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